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The Greek General Secretariat of Sport is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of the country’s sport policy within the State’s constitutional commitment to protect, supervise and provide financial support to the sport sector. More specifically, the mission of the GSS is:

to systematically cultivate, promote and consolidate the sporting spirit and the ideals of the Olympic Games in the collective consciousness, and to guarantee their dissemination at national and international level by all appropriate means;

to provide scientific evidence regarding the country’s needs in the field of sport and to shape them into strategic sport policy to be implemented by operational programs, actions, activities and projects;

to provide institutional, scientific, technical and financial support to public and private-sector bodies (legal persons) supervised by the GSS, ensuring thus the effectiveness, efficiency and high quality of their work in the field of sport encompassing all social groups and genders and avoiding racial and social exclusion;

to intensify the actions taken at multilateral level mainly in the framework of UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the European Union through the operation of the Observatory “Women, Sport and Physical Activity” under the auspices of UNESCO;

to develop and promote the country’s international relations in the field of sport through bilateral and multilateral cultural sport events. Our goal is to sign memorandums of understanding in the field of sport and to organize sport events, aiming at the following objectives to:

  • Make use of the existing sport infrastructure;
  • Employ specialized sport experts;
  • Develop sports tourism;
  • Provide anti-doping services;
  • Expand the scope of the Observatory “Women, Sport and Physical Activity” under the auspices of UNESCO;
  • Submit a proposal regarding the revival of the ancient Heraen Games;
  • Take an active part in EU, EPAS and EOSE events, as well as in the Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Competitions and the Anti-Doping Convention respectively;
  • Organize international sport conventions, events, seminars and exhibitions under the auspices of the GSS.

What have we done in the field of social inclusion?

  • During the meeting of the General Secretaries of Sports in the framework of the 2016 EU Sport Forum in Netherlands, Mr. Ioulios Sinadinos, the Greek General Secretary of Sport, focused on the contribution of Sport to the social inclusion and integration of refugees and migrants.

  • The General Secretariat of Sport of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport, as a member of the European Commission’s BEACTIVE European Week of Sport, has already organized several sport events across the country during the first two years of BEACTIVE, considering that sport has the potential to strengthen messages of tolerance and reinforce citizenship throughout Europe. Promoting the role of sport as a means of social inclusion will help address ongoing challenges in European society.

  • The General Secretariat of Sport as a partner of the ASPIRE program would like to utilize all the available material as a guide for similar actions in our region, as refugees are entering our country in massive numbers fleeing from conflict. This entails a huge social and humanitarian challenge for Greece. Our main objective is to offer them the protection and solidarity they need.

What is our role in the ASPIRE project?

The General Secretariat of Sports of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport as a partner of the ASPIRE program will promote and organize seminars addressed to sport facilitators. It will help them adjust their coaching activities aiming to facilitate the social inclusion process of refugees and migrants by providing them psychological support and opportunities to participate in various sports events that take place in the host community.

Who are the people involved on behalf of our organisation?

Dionisis Karakasis Head of Department of International Relations, EU Policies, Olympic Matter, Sport & Cultural Promotion

The persons involved in the ASPIRE program and its relevant actions are: 1) Michael Nochos and 2) Theodora Alexandropoulou, both members of the Dept. of International Relations, EU Policies, Olympic Matters, Sport and Cultural Promotion of the General Secretariat of Sport of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, under the authority of the head of Department, 3) Mr. Dionisios Karakasis.

Michael Nochos Theodora Alexandopoulou Dionysis Karakasis
Michael Nochos Theodora Alexandropoulou Dionisios Karakasis

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