Sports Flanders Agency (Belgium)

The Sports Flanders Agency of Belgium, i.e. the sports administration of the Government of Flanders, wants to get all Flemish people into sport, preferably on a regular basis, throughout their lives. The Sports Flanders Agency prepares the sports policy and implements and evaluates it to increase sports participation and enhance the quality of the sport provision. It has at least the following responsibilities:

  1. to assist sports actors through subsidisation or guidance;
  2. to develop, offer and recognise sports management training courses and to valorise them with diplomas or certificates via the Flemish Trainers School;
  3. to offer advice, guidance and support with regard to the development of sports infrastructure, with particular attention to the quality of the surroundings;
  4. to exploit and develop the 14 Sports Flanders centres;
  5. to carry out and coordinate sports promotion at Flemish level;
  6. to implement the high-level sports policy;
  7. to advance the healthy and ethical practice of sports;
  8. to carry out the antidoping policy;
  9. to focus on policy development and dissemination for the sports sector and on a Sports Knowledge and Information Centre and to provide direction to and monitor scientific research;
  10. to monitor the international sports policy;
  11. to set up partnerships within the sports sector or with other policy fields.

What have we done so far in the field of social inclusion?

We organise strategic partnerships amongst sport stakeholders and social organisations to stimulate policy and practice in the field of social inclusion. We approach it from various angles and target groups: poverty, ethnicity, handicap, elderly people, homeless, persons with a health restriction… and try to resolve thresholds, which are by far not only financiall. We stimulate experimental projects like community sports, the introduction of a social sport coach for vulnerable children, a climbing club for young refugees in Brussels with later on possibilities towards training and employment in professions that need climbing skills, the organisation of the Belgian Homeless Cup, sports practice in youth care, etc.

What is our role in the ASPIRE project?

Our main role lies in the organisation of a training sessions, that will be a key element of the dissemination and implementation of the developed training module. The training sessions will include hands-on learning opportunities and introduction to the material. In addition, it will educate and coach facilitators, enhancing their skills and competences in the area of intercultural learning and psychosocial support.

The partner organisations from 9 countries, one of them being the Sports Flanders Agency, will host a two-day training session between summer 2018 and spring 2019.

The Sports Flanders Agency will be responsible for coordinating the organisation of the training session in Belgium.

Of course we participate in other parts of the projects, e.g. in finding experts for and disseminating the research work package.

Who are the people involved on behalf of our organisation?

Jord Vandenhoudt

Jord Vandenhoudt works as a Policy Officer on the themes of ethics and integrity, and the social and societal role of sport. Recent interest goes to the added value of sport for employability skills of vulnerable groups in the light of employability skills. He holds a Master of Science in Business Economics and a Master of International Business Economics degree of KU Leuven, with a specialisation in Human Resources Management.

Eva Vonck

Eva Vonck works as a Policy Officer on the themes of poverty and equal opportunities in sports participation. Main topics are sports for people in poverty, older people, people with disabilities and sports in detention.

She holds a Master of Science in Adult Education and an additional degree in culture studies of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).

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