2.4. Implementation into practice

As we mention above, sport has the potential to be highly inclusive and to build a solid ground for a tolerant dialogue between people of different origins. However, sport is not inclusive in and of itself. To make the most of the potential for sport to bring people together, the services of sensitised and well-trained facilitators are needed.

In this section, we offer some practical exercises to help promote intercultural dialogue via sport. We do this in two ways.

Firstly, we provide some sensitisation reflective exercises for facilitators and their groups that will invite them to reflect on different aspects of interculturalism and to connect them to intercultural issues in sports. To this end, we will divide the aspects of interculturalism into five ‘playing fields’. Secondly, we offer some practical ideas – games and sporting activities which can be used by facilitators in their daily work and which aim to promote interaction.

Neither the reflective exercises nor the games and sporting activities are exhaustive or exclusive and others also exist

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